My Dog's Care Center
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Saturday 9am-11am and 3pm-5pm, Sunday 3pm-5pm

Tours are scheduled at times that are least disruptive to our furry clients.  
Tours are given Monday-Friday between 10-11am and 2-3pm, and  Saturday 3pm & 5pm. Please call to schedule.


Our mission is to provide dog owners with loving, professional, convenient and exceptional care of their dog, each and every time.


Members of the My Dog Pack

Cathi Erb is the owner of My Dog, Incorporated, and is shown with her dogs Indie (Long Coat German Shepherd) and Sadie (Golden Retriever). Although she formed My Dog's Beauty Shop in 2006 as a home-based grooming business, thanks to her loyal client base, Cathi was able to purchase a commercial building in 2013. This enabled her to better meet the needs of her clients with a comprehensive dog care facility now known as My Dog’s Care Center.  Cathi's goals for My Dog's Care Center have not changed since the inception of the business, which are to provide the best care for your dog (which far exceeds industry standard), offer 24/7 care and employ the most amazing team of dog lovers to help.  The My Dog family takes pride in caring for dogs differently than their competitors.


Joyce (Human Resources and Company Treasurer), pictured with one of her dog’s Brandy, a Malti-Poo. She is Cathi and Dave’s mother, and has been unselfishly helping with the business since its inception in 2006.  While Joyce mainly focuses on human resources, she helps to support any area of the business as requested.  Her generosity and caring personality help every team member realize their value.  She is respected and well-liked by all. 

Mary (Grooming Manager) pictured with her German Shepherd Dog, Bree.  Mary has been with us for quite some time and has truly become an integral part of our business.  She can be seen in the grooming room, but also on the Care Team and ordering supplies too!  She is truly the jack of all trades.   is our senior team leader and is great with challenging dogs.  She is soft spoken and seems to connect with dogs that are uncomfortable being groomed. She is a blessing to every department she works in, as long as she can be with dogs!

Joanie (Front Office Manager) pictured with her dogs Mini and Tala (Mastiff and German Shepherd Dog). Joanie has a wonderfully diverse background in the medical field along with breeding Great Danes, kennel and even prior grooming experience! Her attention to detail, organizational skills, knowledge of dog care and previous experience make her a great asset to the My Dog family.
Hillary (Care Team Manager) pictured with her dogs Orion and Athena (Siberian Huskies). Hillary had nearly a decade of kennel experience prior to joining the My Dog family. She has a beautiful, calm energy and non-threatening persona that allow her to effectively care for dogs of many personalities and play styles. Her experience, knowledge in the industry and genuine love for dogs are of great value to the team. You can rest assured that your dog will be cared for properly when in the care of Hillary and our Care Team.

Dave (Bathing Team Leader), pictured with his dog Buddy (Miniature Schnauzer).  Dave started in 2008 as a bather and continues to selflessly contribute his assistance to all. His friendly and calm demeanor make Dave a pleasure to be around and work with. He rarely encounters resistance from the dogs because he is gentle and they instinctively know that he won't hurt them. Working with dogs can be labor-intensive and we are always grateful when Dave can lend a hand.

Heather (Groomer) is pictured with her rescue dog Max.  She brings with her a calm demeanor and steady pace that helps keep the dog she is caring for settled down.  Although Heather’s talent is grooming many sizes and breeds, she has a fondness for shepherd and husky mixes.

Megan (Groomer) pictured with her Boxer and Boxer Mix, Ava and Tyson.  Megan has several years under her belt as a groomer.  She is a great listener and able to help our clients figure out what is best for their dog's grooming needs.  Megan always has an upbeat and optimistic attitude, that compliments her infectious smile.  Maybe that's why dogs and people respond to her so well.  Equally as important, she is an outstanding groomer!

Valerie, shown with her foster, rescue dog Sam. Val was trained as a professional groomer in the state of Hawaii. She has a gentle personality that helps dogs to relax while she treats them to loving and professional spa treatment. Her experience and great attitude are an asset to our team. She possesses outstanding customer service skills and understands that each dog is unique. We are thankful that she chooses to share her talents with My Dog and its clients.

Suzanne (Bather) pictured with her miniature schnauzer Angel. Suzanne has such an obvious love for dogs as evidenced by the way she carefully and attentively cares for them. The groomers love her because they are able to groom a calmer dog that has been bathed and dried properly, resulting in a better turnout. Suzanne has an excellent attitude even while performing this sometimes laborious job of caring for dogs. We are thankful to have Suzanne as part of the team. The dogs being bathed in her care are thankful too.


Proud member of:
  • Butler County Humane Society
  • North Pittsburgh Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Harmony Business Association
  • National Dog Groomer's Association of America
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • Zelienople Area Business Association




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