My Dog's Care Center
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Saturday 9am-11am and 3pm-5pm, Sunday 3pm-5pm

Tours are scheduled at times that are least disruptive to our furry clients.  
Tours are given Monday-Friday between 10-11am and 2-3pm, and Saturday 3pm & 5pm. Please call to schedule.


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My Dog's Beauty Shop
My Dog’s Beauty Shop continues to prosper with its expert and thorough grooming services. From de-shedding to creative grooming, we offer it all!   We use only the best product lines and after careful evaluation, we determine what will work best for your dog’s coat and skin.  We take extra care with our senior canines and special cases ensuring each dog goes through the most stress-free experience as possible.  We strive for excellent and proper care for every dog we serve.
My Dog's PlayCare Center

My Dog’s Playcare Center provides two indoor large areas (with rubber floors), three private, fenced-in play yards, and several other rooms for dogs to socialize, play, exercise and be loved by our Care Team.  Their placement is based on where they are best suited and feel most comfortable. We rarely have behavior issues because the dogs are comfortable in their environment and our Care Team takes special attention to ensure all dogs are placed appropriately.  Many of My Dog’s regular furry friends have flourished in the group environment and we are proud to have a growing customer base through recommendations from our everyday clients!

My Dog's PlayCare Center Rates

For additional information please visit Daycare Page.


My Dog's Sleepover

My Dog’s Sleepover includes indoor boarding dens with rubber floors allowing overnight pups to sleep in a comfortable, temperature controlled and non-institutional environment.  Our prices are inclusive, providing group play (if suitable), socialization and comfort with a predictable routine. We don’t have many dogs that refuse to eat while they are boarding.  Comfort, consistency and a stress-free atmosphere encourage dogs to feel calm and relaxed. 

In addition, we group our dogs (when outside of their dens) based on temperament.  Our more active dogs love group play, our senior dogs prefer a mellow environment and some only prefer the company of a few small dogs or none at all!  Luckily, our facility allows us to put dogs where they are most likely to remain relaxed and content with their surroundings!

What To Expect Upon Arrival
What To Expect Upon Return
My Dog's Sleepover Rates
Peak and Holiday Season Policies

For additional information please visit Boarding Page.


My Dog's Celebrations

My Dog’s Care Center would be privileged to help you celebrate your special occasion!  Whether your dog is having a special birthday or you have another reason to celebrate, our enthused Care Team is here to help. We love dogs as much as you do and we simply love a good party.  So let us help you celebrate while ensuring the safety of your dog’s canine friends!



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